Brooks Lake Association
       Be a good neighbor

Brooks Lake is an open sports lake, but the following courtesies apply:

  • No wake within 100 feet of the shore. This means no wake in the narrow bays of Brooks Lake.
  • When cruising on the Lake, you are required to travel counter clockwise
  • A spotter is required on a watercraft when towing someone, tubing, wake boarding, skiing, etc.
  • No harassments of the wildlife in the lake
  • Avoid coming close to boat and swim docks
  • Make sure your visitors know lake use rules and where hazards are
  • Follow DNR rules for PWC , Tubing and Boating
  • Watch out for people in trouble on lake
  • No overnight camping at the access site
  • No littering at the access site or on the lake
  • DNR Boating Safety Laws

Who To Contact

Serious Emergency on Lake or at Access Site Call 911
Violation of Lake Use or Access Site Rukes or Obvious Damgerous Behavior Call Newaygo County Sheriff Department 231-689-6623
Question About Michigan Laws Governing Brooks Lake or Access Site Use Call DNR at 231-745-2888
Building Permits, Taxes, Zoning Assessments Call Brooks Township at 231-652-6763