Brooks Lake Association
       Be a good neighbor

About Us


  • To form an association of interested persons for the purpose of protecting and improving in so far as possible the natural beauty and resources of Brooks Lake, its shoreline, roads, and immediate area.
  • To discourage alterations of the natural resources of the lake which would adversely affect desirable ecological balances and natural beauty of the area.
  • To encourage and assist Government bodies and agencies with studies and planning in the following area: sewage, rubbish and garbage disposal, channeling, land fills, drainage, roads, zoning, water quality, recreational development, fish, wild life and game management; water and land motor propelled vehicles. Coordinate programs for the water, land resources and any other endeavor pertinent to the welfare of the area.
What do We do
  • We educate the people who own property on the Brooks Lake, with information about rules and regulation that must be followed to enjoy the lake.
  • We tell them who to contact in the area to enjoy and protect their property on the Lake.
  • Coordinate activities like walk-a-thon, Boat Parades, Picnics, etc.
  • Attend Township, County, State meetings that impact the lake.
  • We ask everyone on the lake to pay dues of $30 and to donate money for the fireworks on labor day.
  • Brooks Lake Association
    P.O. Box 533
    Newaygo, MI 49337
    E-mail address:
What Kind of Organization is this Association
  • This is a property owners association. It is made up of volunteers who own property on Brooks Lake.
When do We do it
  • The trustees meet four times a year at the Brooks Township Hall at 490 Quarterline St. They have special meetings as needed.